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Some Final Thoughts on the TCM Classic Film Festival

April 30, 2010


Now that’s it been a few days and I’ve had some time to adjust to the realities of the post-my-ankle-sprain world, it’s perhaps time for me to take a moment to reflect a bit on what I learned from my rather hectic but definitely fun and enlightening time at the TCM Fest which, as previously reported, turned out to be a fairly roaring success and is destined to be repeated next year in Hollywood. Because of time constraints and because I wasn’t able to enjoy the truly titanic number of films seen by, say, a Dennis Cozzalio — currently working on a detailed and sure to be great summary of the event — I’m going to limit myself to a few random observations covering material I have not mentioned in prior TCM-centric posts. (Here, here, and here.) Naturally, it’ll still turn out to be much longer than I originally intended.



Note: You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much here lately. Though I plan to keep FtY on life-support indefinitely, my main blog-home at present remains Premium Hollywood and I encourage all and sundry to follow me on via Twitter and/or Facebook, where pretty much everything I do will get touted for your convenience.

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