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Happy Thanksgiving from FtY

November 26, 2009

I’ve been largely neglecting this site lately because of my other blogging duties, though over the next few days there will be links and maybe some bonus materials for a couple of reviews, but I did want to revive a tradition and post a favorite video of mine, the great RKO short film “The House I Live In.” Written by Albert Maltz and directed by Mervyn LeRoy, it’s a wartime propaganda piece for tolerance (except where it comes to our nation’s WWII enemies, of course), and tolerance can always use some good propaganda. Anyhow, I’m never able to get through this one without misting up, and it really does some up what I think all Americans have to be thankful for today and all days, especially this year.

As always, a quick proviso for those who’ve never seen this. The first song Frank Sinatra sings here isn’t much and was clearly the promotional part of the film. If you’re the slightest bit bored/impatient, skip ahead to 2:43 when Frank goes out for a smoke.


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