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"Paranormal Activity" — Bullz-Eye Movie Review

October 11, 2009


The hype around “Paranormal Activity” is more than justified, but it still isn’t much more than an extremely well-made engine for getting a roomful of people to squirm, giggle, and actually scream in near unison. In a way, it’s entirely unfair that I’ve given this barebones video terror flick a slightly higher rating than an artful and far more fully developed horror construction like “Drag Me to Hell, but life isn’t fair and dramatic depictions of creeping death are even less so.

“Paranormal Activity,” which has been making the film festival rounds since last year, starts out in true post-“Blair Witch” fashion, eschewing ordinary credits and replacing them with titles implying that Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat may be less than completely healthy; the filmmakers thank their parents and their local police department for the use of the edited home video footage we’re about to see. After that, the set-up is about as simple as things get: Grad-student Katie believes that she has been dogged by a decidedly unfriendly presence of some sort her entire life, and that lately it has been getting worse. As our tale begins, her ebulliently arrogant day trader live-in boyfriend, Micah, decides to pursue the spectral whatsis by putting them both under constant videotape surveillance in their very large San Diego townhouse. (Since the movie is set in 2006, we can assume the careless Micah purchased the house via a highly suspect interest-only loan. Perhaps it’s just as well.)



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  1. Another movie that is coming out that offers a clean alternative is ‘’Paranormal.’’ Below is some additional information about this new thriller!!

    Paranormal, the latest supernatural thriller from Cross Shadow Productions, (the
    creators of the approved, best-selling BMG releases: Pray and Pray 2:
    The Woods) will be available in stores nationwide January 26th 2010. The 2009 Mrs. America is starring in it.

    See more information and trailers at:

    Following the success of family-friendly suspense/thriller The Exorcism of Emily
    Rose (Sony Pictures), comes a riveting supernatural thriller in the vein of the hit
    SyFy television series, Ghost Hunters and Frank Peretti’s House (Roadside
    Attractions / Lionsgate).

    Paranormal follows best-selling, self-made novelist Greg Evans struggling through the worst case of writer’s block in his award-winning career. In a desperate search for
    inspiration, Greg quickly finds himself immersed in a world he is not prepared to face.
    Turning to a group of paranormal investigators, Greg and the ghost hunting team search for proof and answers, yet are unaware they are about to have an experience of a
    lifetime! None will leave the way they came. Paranormal will peel back the supernatural curtain to reveal how The TRUTH will EXPOSE the darkness!

  2. Jennifer — I’m leaving your comment up despite it’s obviously spammy nature and the fact the film most likely promotes a rightwing, obscurantist fundamentalist religious agenda that is pretty much antithetical to everything I believe in including, after looking at the trailer, good filmmaking, because…well, it’s kind of fun to look at cheap fundamentalist Christian knock-offs of whatever’s popular.
    If Christian filmmakers want to be taken seriously, making inferior knockoffs of regular movies and inserting dogmatic religious messages won’t get you anywhere. It’s the cinematic equivalent of tofurkey. It also shows a certain degree of envy of the mainstream culture your side usually claims is demonic, absurdly. I’d tell you to “get real” but as fundamentalists, that’s fairly antithetical to what you’re about.

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