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A fairly short rant

July 30, 2009

I keep reading, in articles like this, that support for the President’s health care efforts is slipping. Do people really believe the blatant lies about Obama killing old people and the like? If so, why?

The situation in this country is so catastrophically bad for so many people that it truly boggles my mind that the need for reform isn’t obvious, and lot of polls back up that contention to. (Support for a public option was ridiculously high as recently as six weeks back, when the question is framed that way.)

Anyhow, if you disagree with me, please talk with the Canadian or Western European of your choice and see if they’d like to swap their deal with yours. If you love your health plan: What would happen if you lost your job? Or what if you decided to start your own business? What do you think the effect on our economy is when most people can’t start an entrepreneurial venture without very literally risking their own and their family’s lives? If you’re a hardcore free  marketer, then ask yourself if our free market is so terribly harmed by having public police, fire, and education? And, just as have private education and security, remember that more gold-plated options won’t be off the table for folks who can afford to spend more.

Anyhow, if you’re like me, stop getting angry and asking obvious questions like I just did. Do something. Calling congresscritters and senators is what I’m doing, but there’s always more. And, if you haven’t yet signed a petition on this, now’s definitely the time. We need everyone on record.

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  1. bks permalink

    …Because when tyranny mixes with legalized bribery, constituents’ economic concerns stop mattering.
    Thanks to our undemocratic system and our corrupt campaign finance laws, the health care industry doesn’t have to fight a 50-state battle. It can simply buy a tiny group of congresspeople, which is what it’s done. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, health interests have given these 13 members of Congress $12 million in campaign contributions—a massive sum further enhanced by geography…”

  2. Whoa! Calm dowm, man. I mean, I’m the dude that had the half-dozen heart attacks ’cause I ain’t got no health care.

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