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RIP Walter Cronkite

July 17, 2009

He was 92 years old. There was a lot more to his life and work than the CBS Evening News, but nobody gets out of here alive. And that’s the way it is.

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  1. John P. Garry permalink

    I also reviewed some of Cronkite’s work on YouTube after his passing (the death of Martin Luther King). The JFK segment makes me tear up every time I see it. I guess there’s something about seeing a grown man cry that always gets to me.

    This makes me recall the post-9/11 Oval Office appearance in which President Bush unexpectedly started to cry in the middle of an answer to a reporter.

    It was such a shock. But at that moment you knew Bush was feeling exactly what we were feeling. For one instant one could feel that there was zero distance between yourself and the President. Cronkite’s moment is powerful for the same reason.

    Despite its limitations, television is very good at capturing spontaneous responses. Sometimes, those responses can summarize a moment in history. Such has been the lasting impact of Cronkite’s response to JFK.


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