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A Suggestion for Tom Hanks, or Perhaps Deep Cleansing Movie Therapy for Mel Gibson

May 13, 2009

It seems to me there might be a movie in henry porter’s DailyKos diary, or rather in the fascinating later life of Marine Interrogator and Asian art scholar Sherwood Moran, who died two years shy of his hundredth birthday in 1983.  The opening of porter’s diary is bit lengthy, but the far lengthier essay by Moran is, according to his moving online tribute, something of a cult classic among Marine “interviewers” (Moran’s preferred term for his art). The character of the semi-saintly, ex-pacifist, tap-dancing, utterly devoutly Christian liberal who helped defeat the Japanese militarists of World War II with his love of Japan and his sincere compassion for the Japanese people seems like a great star part for any late-middle-aged actor and a profound example of the best of Christianity. Yes, we need at least one more WWII movie, at least.

There are, of course, obvious political resonances as Dick Cheney dominates our airwaves for reasons known only to Dick Cheney, and this really should be “front and center” in the torture debate. Also, a movie based on him would drive our friends at Big Hollywood insane, who really should take a moment to reflect on the very radical and unconservative implications of what they’ve been saying.

  1. screenplay is already in the works

  2. Very cool, Dr. Moran. An honor to have you stop by…and four months after I dashed off this post.

    Can you say publicly whose writing it and if a producer is involved yet?

  3. david moran permalink

    Sorry not to respond earlier; I am writing it (now making a novel cuz it goes faster) and have been drafting for a few years; already been turned down by Hanks and Eastwood. Will wrap it this fall. SFM wrote a ton of letters during his long life, not short letters either, and I am trying to slog through most of them as well. tnx — David Moran

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