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Be Afraid (updated)

May 8, 2009

The man whose use of language is so Orwellian that’s he’s actually Orwellian about the use of the word “Orwellian” is back, and he’s coming after health care.

Let’s just thank our lucky stars that this nation never had a debate about fire and police services. “We don’t need politicians standing in the way of the sacred trust between you and your local fire protection and security merchant.” Absurd BS, almost admittedly so on Luntz’s part, but there we are.

Actually, don’t be afraid. Do what you can.

H/t Nyceve (whose DailyKos diary on the coming health care firestorm may be well worth a read).

….And am I the only one waiting for comedian and increasingly excellent actor Patton Oswalt to be cast as Frank Luntz. He’ll have to work on that distinctive haircut, however and add some extra pasty, but he’s close.

11.jpg patton-oswalt-wi-0707-lg.jpg

UPDATE: And, while we’re discussing both politics and fear, via John Cole comes this great Rachel Maddow segment that I otherwise would have missed (I DVR her, but I preemptively deleted early on last night. More fool I.) This one should be saved for special occasions and discussions with your friendly neighborhood swing voter.

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