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TCM Alert — Michael Caine Tribute (8/1/08)

August 1, 2008


I thought I’d take a break from my post-Comic-Con recovery/busyiness/movie-backlog break to let you know that TCM is having a daylong Michael Caine tribute. You can probably pop you’re head in at any time and see something fairly interesting, but I definitely recommend both Alfie and Zulu in the strongest terms, for entirely different reasons. (Despite being from Mike Hodges, the great director of both Get Carter and Croupier, I can’t recommend the final in the series, however. I was unable to get through more than half of Pulp. A misfired comedy, even a misfired intelligent comedy, can be the most painful thing ever.)

And, just in case anyone missed it, it’s never too late to catch up with recent Caine fixation and tribute, as well as the related bio.

And, just because I dig it, here’s my favorite of the video selections from the Caine bio, an early music video for musician Roy Budd and his great Get Carter theme, featuring footage from one of the best credit sequences of its day.

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