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Not a Lot of People Know….

July 13, 2008


….That Michael Caine used to be teased by impressionists (starting with Peter Sellers) for saying “not a lot of people know that….” or “not many people know that…..” That’s just one of many factoids I learned recently while working on a Michael Caine feature that has just gone live over at Bullz-Eye.

I also didn’t know that he’d seen some serious action as a British soldier in the Korean war, is a big fan of “chillout” electronica and even released his own mix CD,  and that he’s authored trivia books entitled Not Many People Know That! and And Not Many People Know This Either!

Of course, very many people know that Sir Maurice Micklewhite, Jr., CBE (he’s never legally changed his name) is one of the most compelling and charismatic movie actors of all time, though a lot of them have no idea how serious he is about the art of film acting, but that’s all very much a part of his approach.

And so, a brief but powerful lesson in film acting, circa 1987….

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