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Happy Valentine's Day — The Cynical German Spy Edition (Updated and Downgraded)

February 14, 2008

Yes, it’s that special day, and what better way to celebrate it with two songs about the wisdom of avoiding emotional entanglements tangentially related to paid government assassins (or whatever it is an international man of mystery is actually supposed to be doing). First we start off with the only big screen collaboration of two of my favorite pop geniuses, from the German version of the second Austin Powers film:

A quick bit of FtY trivia — the unbelievably slender male background hipster with the mop-top haircut is my friend, filmmaker and popster extraodinaire Cody Jarrett. Check out his amazing past and future cinematic masterpieces (the latter featuring my triumphant return to screen acting as, I believe, “Horny Political Hanger-On #3.”)

And now, from what appears to be an early seventies German TV profile or documentary, Ms. Shirley Bassey sings live the song that I guess is “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” rewritten from farce to tragedy. Anyhow, one of the more underrated Bond themes from the most farcically brutal of the Sean Connery Bond films….

[UPDATE (AND DOWNGRADE): Apparently the dedicated fan who put a number of great Shirley Bassey videos on YouTube has requested that they not be embedded. (Anyone know why this is an issue? I’m not a dedicated YouTuber. It can’t be a legal issue, can it?). Anyhow, you can still see this nifty video directly.]

And, finally, a non-Germanic bonus. Another underrated Bond tune from another underrated Bond film (well, I thought so the last time I saw it…which was when???), performed by a James Bond tribute band.

To those in love, Happy Valentine’s Day.

To those who are decidedly not or on the downside of the issue, here’s a prescription. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Do not talk to anyone who has not also taken this prescription. Please note: this drink was served at a bar with a body count.

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